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Atlanta Psychic Arthur Fretwell

One of Atlanta's Premiere psychics: Arthur Fretwell utilizes his abilities to bring clear precise information to his clients through tuning into the subtle energies around us. This information is then interpreted by the use of the six Claire’s (Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairalient, Clairgustant and Claircognizant).

When Arthur tunes in, a process begins in which he will get subtle pulls from the energy around the person and the subject they are asking about. This information can come through by many different means. It can be a mental picture or movie, this is called Clairvoyance. Often it comes in the form of connecting to and speaking to his guides or the guides of the client, this is called Clairaudience. Another tool at a psychics command is Clairsentience; this is a type of sense referred to as a gut feeling. This feeling can come in about a person, place or event. One of the lesser used abilities Arthur employs is Clairgustance, and Clairalience the psychic sense of taste and smell. These senses are most often used in Mediumship work or when performing a scan of the persons physical body as is relates to health questions. Last, and for Arthur, the most powerful of all the Clair’s is Claircognizance. This ability is called the sense of knowing, and is when the information is given without a reference point. In other words there is not a feeling or any visual or auditory sense just a pure connection to the higher self (a sort of voiceless voice).

Since Arthur’s only tool is Arthur and how he works with energy many of his clients utilize him through the means of psychic phone readings. Arthur is able to get clear psychic information both in-person or over the phone without any loss of clarity.

When people have had this experience happen to them they are often asked how they knew something they would respond “I Just Know”. All of these abilities are generally brought forth in a typical reading. Throughout Arthur’s career he has worked alongside many of Atlanta’s psychics and is considered by his peers to be one of the best in the country.If you or someone you know would like a clear “Soulution” to any of life’s problems, then set up a session today. Now is the time for you to allow the truth to be revealed about your life!

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